Class Descriptions

Kids Gymnastics

Introducing a 4-week gymnastics course for kids & youth ages 6-15 years-old, beginning April 13th. These Saturday sessions will focus on progression skills to enhance fluid movements from one skill to the next.  Participants of all abilities will safely learn the proper technique for each basic gymnastics skill and progression. This class will also introduce students to important basic gymnastics terminology, techniques, and class structure.

This class will also give an introduction to how gymnastics concentrates on specific strength, flexibility, and coordination development that enhances other Kinetic Arts classes, such as pole and lyra! Youth gymnastics will be running at the same time as our Pole Fundamentals class, a perfect opportunity for parents to take a pole fitness class while the kids do gymnastics.

Kids Pole Sport

Our Kids Pole Sport program is specially designed for youth ages 5-18 years. This age-appropriate class will focus on building physical strength, flexibility and grace—while promoting self-confidence, body positivity and teamwork. Our cutting-edge curriculum utilizes our multifunctional facility, and students will cross-train in the disciplines of dance, aerial hoop, and tumbling. Our award-winning, certified teachers will nurture your child and encourage them to reach their personal goals.

Please contact us at: if you have any questions about our Youth Pole Sport class.

Pole FUNdamentals (Intro to Pole)

Dare to be bold, embark on a journey of self-discovery, build strength … and have fun! This introduction to pole is designed for true newcomers to the sport. Never touched a pole? No problem—we all have to start somewhere. Be ready for some cardio, strength training, flexibility work, and of course, pole! At Kinetic Arts, we recommend that everyone start with at least a couple of Pole Fundamental classes. Mastering the fundamentals builds a strong foundation for all dances to build upon. Even if you have some previous pole experience, our Pole Fundamentals can still help you level up in Pole 1 & 2 classes.

That said, some people with previous pole/yoga/dance/fitness experience are able to jump into our classes without attending Pole Fundamentals. We encourage everyone to challenge themselves while striving to firmly gain the knowledge necessary to grow strong in the art of pole! Pole Fundamentals is offered three times a week, click here to reference our class schedule and book your classes today!

Pole Crush (Pole 1 & 2)

So you’ve decided you have a crush on the pole. Don’t worry, it happens—in fact, we think you’d better let it blossom. This class is designed to make you comfortable in your developing relationship with yourself, your body, the pole, and the way they all go together. We’ll dive into what you’ve learned in our Pole Fundamentals (intro) classes and start perfecting the basics. By mastering simple spins and sequences, as well as improving strength and flexibility, we’ll begin taking the training steps necessary to get more difficult moves, like inversions and handstands.

Flirty Flow

In this class we’ll focus on fluidity and sensuality, working on moving smoothly, slowly (when appropriate!) and seamlessly between poses and treating transitions as integral parts of our dance. Flirty Flow usually involves much more floorwork than our other classes, so bring knee pads if you have them. No kneepads? No problem—we have some to loan.

It’s a Level 1/2 class with pole moves planned accordingly …but (relatively) simple tricks don’t always mean easy! That said, of course, we’ll help you with any obstacles you may run into—and if you sometimes feel awkward “dancing sexy,” we’ll help you with that, too! In fact, if that’s ever the case, definitely challenge you to give this class a try.

Heels are encouraged …we do love our dramatic drops and heel clacks! But they’re totally optional: Sensual and flowy does not require towering stilettoes. If you don’t want to wear heels, just bring some leg warmers and/or make sure you’re wearing socks so you can slide around on the floor with us. (Half-socks that bare your ankles, or socks that can be folded down, are ideal in case you need to climb.)

Since Flirty Flow has a sensual aesthetic and we want everyone to feel as free and comfortable as possible, this is an 18+ class. It’s also one of our few classes that almost always incorporates some choreography we can all do together, without restricting your unique, individual style. (Take away your flare? We wouldn’t dare!)


Our Flexuality class is for students of all levels so everyone can learn about what flexibility does for polers—and how great it feels in general. Through active and passive stretches, as well as floor and pole stretches, we’ll work on our backs, shoulders, wrists, and other body parts—including, of course, our legs. Once we’re feeling thoroughly limber, we’ll take it to the pole for some moves and poses that utilize and show off our bendiness.

Combo Nation (Pole 2)

In this class we work on combos, holds, climbs, and sequences that blend multilevel pole skills. We combine floor work, spin work and combos to create an endurance and strength workout that will build you up to propel you to the next level.

Not sure if you are at Pole Level 2? Come to Pole Crush and let the instructor know that you would like to train and be tested so your level can be determined. It is preferred that students graduate from Pole Level 1 skills before attending our Combo Nation Level 2 Pole class.

Intermediate / Advanced Pole Play & Conditioning

Intermediate Pole Play & Conditioning is for students that have mastered Pole Fundamentals and Pole 1 and have advanced to Pole 2 skills or further.

Instructor Alice will focus on conditioning and playful yet challenging moves that will be sure to take your pole dance to the next level. Join us Monday’s by reserving your pole online ahead of class time. This class is not offered every week, please check our schedule ahead of time to be sure we are hosting it the night you’re planning to attend. Thanks!

Advanced Open Pole / Competition Training

Need some time to perfect a competition routine, performance piece, or work on that fancy trick? Our Advanced Open Pole / Comp Training is a time for students to create, share, and rehearse without the structure of a formal class. Warm-up, stretching, and cool down are done individually, but an instructor is always there to lend a helping hand, provide a spot, or bounce ideas if you need. Not training for a competition or quite advanced yet but still want to attend a more free-form session at Kinetic Arts? No problem, we also host Open Pole on Friday’s and Free Play on Sunday’s. Please reference our schedule for the times.

Lyra 1

Lyra, also known as an Aerial hoop, is a suspended metal ring used to create beautiful shapes, transitions, and aerial movement. In this class you will learn the basic hand grips and mounting. You will learn various balances, beginner’s poses and spinning moves in and around the hoop. This is a great class for students who want to learn a new apparatus. Training on multiple apparatuses helps the student to build strength in new ways. No previous experience necessary.

Lyra 2

Building on skills we learned in Lyra 1, we will begin incorporating spinning, sequences and choreography. We use this versatile apparatus to build strength, gain flexibility, and develop fluid combinations for our students.

Free Play

During Free Play time, use our beautiful space—and its poles, mirrors, mats and other amenities—to practice tricks and combos, rehearse a routine, dance your heart out, or just play. This is supervised time with no instruction.

Fitness, Conditioning & Dance Classes

Ballet Dance Class

This class is for everyone, so if you danced a few moons ago or if you wish to experience ballet for the first time— we welcome you! Our class will focus on engaging your core, mind, spirit and memory, all while elongating your body, finding beautiful lines and pushing yourself a bit out of your comfort zone.

Cardio Dance Groove

Cardio Dance Groove will get your body moving and your heart pumping. This high energy dance fitness class feels more like a night out rather than a workout. Cardio DanceGroove incorporates easy to follow medium and low-impact aerobic dance moves perfect for all fitness levels. Join us for this full body cardio workout!

Tumble Town

In this class we will begin to explore, cartwheels, press ups, handstands, roundoffs, front and back walkovers, and roundoff  back handsprings. No experience necessary. All levels class.

Aerial Conditioning

Build strength with this conditioning workout for pole and aerial fitness using your own body weight and light hand weights. Gain confidence while burning calories with this full-body workout. Besides helping you in your aerial journey, this conditioning class will also help you improve your overall fitness level.

Parents, this class is for you… Let the kiddos take Youth Pole Sport from 5:00-6:00 p.m. and stay for Aerial Conditioning from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Kids are welcome to hang out in our large communal area, we have some games available, coloring books and WiFi. Contact us at: if you have any questions about bringing kids to our studio while you attend classes.

Butts & Guts

The newest addition to our fitness classes is Butts and Guts — a conditioning class dedicated to strengthening and toning your glutes and core through targeted movements utilizing light weights and bodyweight. The workout also focuses on the leg muscles to bring balance to your lower body.