The Daily Wildcat Visits Kinetic Arts Tucson

We’re so happy to share this article in the University of Arizona’s paper, The Daily Wildcat, all about our studio—with a special emphasis on how great pole can be.

In “Empowering Women Through the Art of Pole Fitness,” local journalist Taylor Gleeson does a great job of expressing how pole dance and pole sport has personally empowered the two KAT women she interviewed, owner Brenna Mirae and pole teacher Anna Mirocha.

“Both Mirocha and Mirae stressed the importance of body confidence in women, and both agreed that pole is a great way for women of all ages to feel empowered and more confident with their bodies.

“KAT offers a variety of classes, including flexibility, aerial hoops and cardio, all with the goal of making the studio a ‘fun place to work out’ while also being a welcoming place for women and men.

“Both said they hope that this studio and the classes help grow each customers self-confidence and become part of a family.

“‘There’s just something about it [when] girls help each other,’ Mirocha said.”

When Gleeson came to the studio for the interview, she even tried a pole class herself—along with an enthusiastic friend she brought along. Both young women loved the class, agreeing it was fun and satisfying (and declaring they’d be back!). We can’t wait to meet more University of Arizona students at Kinetic Arts Tucson. KAT is a perfect place for Wildcats, after all.

Kinetic Arts’ New Student 3-Class Pass


Pole is for all genders, of course, though this article takes the opportunity to mention how beneficial it can be for women, especially young women (like all you college women out there, hint hint!), who may be still developing their sense of self—or, hey, girls who just want to have fun!

And fun is definitely one of our goals in each of our classes. At Kinetic Arts Tucson, lovingly referred to as KAT, you can “get your pole on” seven days a week. We have an incredibly affordable introductory class package for new students: 3 classes for just $23. This is our way to really encourage those who are new to pole fitness, or just new to the KAT studio, to really give our pole classes a spin.

The New Student 3-Class Pass can be used for any of the eighteen classes we currently offer—which, besides pole, include two lyra (aerial hoop) classes and four aerial-conditioning classes.

Our conditioning classes are basically fitness classes anyone can take, whether or not they’re pursuing pole classes. But these classes are specially designed to help students strengthen and condition muscles that are absolutely crucial for performing with skill and ease on the pole and hoop. They’re also choreographed, which helps students improve coordination, loosen up, and naturally gain confidence and grace while moving. (Besides making the workouts incredibly fun… Not a single fitness class goes by without laughter and smiles.)

All our classes are leveled, and all our instructors are trained and ready to help each student progress in the art of pole. Brand-new students usually start with our Pole FUNdamentals class, which we offer three times a week, and progress naturally into Pole 1, Pole 2, and then more advanced classes as they master specific skills in each level.

Come by today and take your first class with our New Student 3-Class Pass! We guarantee you’ll get hooked on this empowering and fun fitness phenomenon.