Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is pole dance for me?

A. If the idea intrigues you, we think you should give it a try and see! Since pole is relatively new to mainstream fitness, you might take comfort in knowing that almost everyone truly starts at the beginning. Most students start with no dance or gymnastics background, many with limited fitness experience in general—and that’s OK! Our curriculum is specifically designed to teach you everything you need to know. Our classes are leveled and progressive to ensure that everyone can learn at a pace that works for them. We also offer a variety of off-the-pole classes ideal for cross-training.

Q. But will it be too hard for me?

A. Pole dance is uniquely challenging—but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s too challenging for you. In pole you’ll use some muscles that aren’t often trained, so whether you haven’t been to the gym in years or you’re a high-level athlete, you’ll learn to train your muscles specifically for pole. You will work hard, but you’ll also reap incredible benefits. Most importantly, you’ll have fun. After just a few classes, you’ll start to feel your strength building, and over time you’ll be able to execute tricks and moves that you once couldn’t even imagine doing. The marked victories along your journey will boost your confidence and attitude. Doing pole brings a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Q. What should I wear?

A. For beginning-level pole classes, wear a sports bra, tank top, and short shorts. The more skin showing, the better. Your skin allows you to grip the pole. Please, no lotions or jewelry that will get in the way. (Stud earrings are OK, but rings, belly-button rings, and anything dangly are definitely a no-no.)

For more advanced pole classes, the more skin the better. A sports bra and booty shorts are perfect. Again, please no lotions or jewelry.

For stretching, off-the-pole dance, and gymnastics classes, we suggest you wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing.

Note: Pole dancers are among the most body-positive people you’ll ever come across.  Our students quickly become confident and empowered wearing the skimpy clothing needed for pole workouts. As you progress, we hope you’ll notice a shift in self-perception from worrying about what your body looks like to appreciating what your body can do. 

Q. Is there an age or weight limit?

A. Nope. Pole dance truly is for everyone. People of all sizes and capabilities, and children to people 65 and older, all can—and do—enjoy and excel at pole. And our poles are designed to hold several people at one time. You’ll be safe and secure.

Q. What will I learn?

A. Our classes begin with thorough warm-ups, stretching, and conditioning. From there, depending on the class, you’ll learn a variety of spins, climbs and choreography. Some classes focus on tricks, others on sensuality—and overall they cover everything in between. Our instructors are nonjudgmental and trained to break down pole skills into fun and manageable progressions. Whether you’re learning a body roll or a back flip, you can rest assured you’re in capable and skilled hands. After your class ends with brief cool-down, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of physical and mental empowerment.